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Research Requirements:
Your paper must be largely based on research and not on your own conjecture. Your paper must
have a minimum of five discrete sources referenced. At least two of your sources must be
literature or media that did not originate or is not based online. Wikipedia cannot be used as a
source for your midterm.
Formatting Requirements:
Your midterm paper must be 10 full pages.
They body of the essay must be double-spaced and use 12 point Times black font.
Use white 81/2” by 11” sheets (no three hole punched paper).
Margins must be between .05″ and 1” all around. Bottom margins are measured from the last
sentence or footnote on the page, not from the page number.
Footnotes must be in a smaller font than the content font and be single-spaced.
Page numbers must be on the bottom right footer of each page except the first content page (no
page number on first content page).
Papers are to be stapled in the upper left margin.
Do not turn in your paper in any type of folder or binder.
You must have a cover page for your midterm paper. The following information must be single
spaced and centered in the middle of the cover page.
o Line one: your name
o Line two: class name
o Line three:day and time of class o Line four: assignment due date
Your grade for the mid term will be determined based on a combination of factors to include:
content, format, structure, and following all directions from the syllabus. After evaluating the
content of your paper, and any of the formatting criteria are not followed, your grade for each
breach (a maximum deduction of two grades) will be lowered by one letter grade.


Subject of Paper: “Music: An Industry in Transition”
As a Music Industry professional, what strategies would you employ to surmount the profound
challenges that the new music economy presents, while capitalizing on the vast opportunity?
To formulate your strategy be certain to address the following concepts/research in the body of
your paper:
• Identify the important challenges that the music industry faces now and in the future. • Discuss
the opportunities that have come about as a result of current industry trends.
• Provide a historical backdrop for the development of the recorded music industry.
• Analyze RIAA statistics, Billboard Sales Charts,IFPIStatistics,etc..,and discuss current and
future sales trends in the music industry.
• Discuss the positive and negative impact of digital on overall sales of recorded music.
• Analyze the impact of file sharing (downloading) on the music economy. Discuss social
networks (Myspace,Facebook,etc..) and their impact on the music industry.
• Discuss the impact of changes in sales of recorded music on the other areas of the music
industry…Touring and Live Performance Partnerships with Consumer
Products (Banana Republic, Coke,VW, etc…)
• Music Publishing and Licensing
• Record Labels and Artist Recording Contracts


The midterm paper layout must be in accordance with this syllabus and chapters 1 & 14 of
A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations Sixth Edition-Kate L.
Turabian (available in the bookstore and library). This syllabus takes precedents over any
conflicts between the syllabus and the manual. Footnotes (not endnotes) and a bibliography
are required. The format for footnotes and bibliographies must be in accordance with the
Turabian manual.



• Music Retail (Physical and Digital)

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