This assignment provides you with an opportunity to examine criminal


This assignment provides you with an opportunity to examine criminal justice policy in the United States and the  effectiveness of criminal justice policies. For this assignment, you will be conducting a literature review. 

Find a minimum of two peer-reviewed journal articles  regarding two criminal justice policies. Once you have located the articles, write a literature review in which you discuss  the following: 

 Provide an analysis of each criminal justice policy. 

Who are the stakeholders in each criminal justice policy? 

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each criminal justice policy? 

What impact have these policies had on the community, criminal justice professionals, and the criminal justice  field? 

What improvements can be made to each policy ?

 Locate research in the Waldorf Online Library to support the assertions within your response. Write a minimum three-page full in length  analysis using the above questions. Use APA  7 style to format your response, proofread your work, and then submit your  assignment for grading in Blackboard. 

Please be in own words, academic writing.

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