Cis/207 week 1 reflection of personal it background

Access the template at right.


Update the Title page.


Reflect on your IT experience and background, and provide a response to each question.


Submit to your instructor in the Assignment Files tab.


IT Experience Pre-Assessment

  1. How long have you used a computer?
  2. What are the top three software applications you use frequently?
  3. Do you have a Home network? Did you set it up by yourself?
  4. Do you use a Smartphone? Have you downloaded the University of Phoenix app?
  5. How many IT specific courses have you taken at any school?
  6. Do you have a close relative or friend in IT?
  7. When you come across a technology word you do not know, where do you go to find out what it means?
  8. Are you currently or recently employed in an IT job? How long? In what functional area?
  9. What IT position do you want in five years?
  10. What kind of things do you do to keep current on IT topics?

 CIS/207 Week 1 Individual: Effect of Systems on Business


CIS/207 Week 1 Reflection of Personal IT Background


CIS/207 Week 2 Individual: Information Use Paper


CIS/207 Week 2 Learning Team: New System Proposal


CIS/207 Week 3 Individual: Web or Mobile System Paper


CIS/207 Week 3 Learning Team: New System Proposal


CIS/207 Week 4 Individual: System Evaluation Paper


CIS/207 Week 4 Learning Team: New System Proposal


CIS/207 Week 5 Learning Team: New System Proposal


CIS/207 Week 5 Learning Team: New System Proposal Presentation


CIS/207 Week 5 Learning Team: New System Proposal (Preparation)

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