Discussion 11 | CRJ 697 Capstone: Evaluation & Program Analysis in Criminal Justice | Ashford University

 Potential Evaluation Subjects

Review the Final Paper prompt, which is located in Week Six.

In your initial post, briefly describe three policies or programs you are considering as the subject of the Final Paper, and explain the impact of any relevant political and ethical issues associated with the program evaluation. List the reasons you are considering each program. Explain political ramifications, both intended and inadvertent, of the programs or policies you have selected as possible topics for the Final Paper. In addition, examine any potential ethical issues or dilemmas that could be a byproduct of the evaluation you are proposing for the program or policy. In your analysis, take into account such issues as the scope of the programs under consideration, practical and logistical issues affecting the proposed evaluation, and any theoretical orientation you will use in your Final Paper.


Required Resource


Rossi, P. H., Lipsey, M. W., & Freeman, H. E. (2004). Evaluation: A systemic approach (7th ed.). Retrieved from https://content.uagc.edu

  • Chapter 1: An Overview of Program Evaluation
  • Chapter 2: Tailoring Evaluations

Recommended Resource


Cooper, J. A., & Worrall, J. L. (2012). Theorizing criminal justice evaluation and research. Criminal Justice Review, 37(3), 384-397. doi:10.1177/0734016812442940

  • The full-text version of this article can be accessed through the SAGE Journals Online database in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library. As criminal justice process and theory continue to mature, less need has been perceived for theory in evidence-based policy evaluations. The authors maintain that more emphasis should be placed on theoretical propositions in criminal justice and criminology evaluation research. Cooper and Worrall’s article presents students with a scholarly discussion pertaining to the importance of emphasizing theory in the conduct of evaluation research. This article may assist you in the completion of this week’s discussion post.
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