Write a one to two (1-2) page overview of the problem you plan to

Write a one to two (1-2) page overview of the problem you plan to work on for the next four challenges. Your overview should tell the story of why this problem is important and relevant to you. Be sure to include the following information. Part 1: Define the problem. a) State your specific problem. Review the “Sample Problems” document for ideas or select a problem that you have seen in your job, life, surroundings or the media that you want to address. b) Explain why you chose your selected problem, including why it is relevant to you. Part 2: Research. Use the Internet to research the problem and list five (5) valid online resources that helped you learn more about your chosen problem. Try to pick a range of sites from government to business to academic. a) List each of your resources and include the name of the website and the URL (web address). b) In two or three sentences, explain why each site was useful as well as credible. Did it help you understand the importance of the issue? Did it help you see that others are impacted? Did it confirm that this is a problem that others face? c) Explain why each site you used is credible and accurate. NOTE: If you aren’t sure how to do this, read the Learn content for guidance and/or discuss with your instructor. 3 Part 3: Include non-credible resources. Share two sites that were not credible and why you decided not to use them. a) List each of the resources you decided not to include (including the name of the website and the URL (web address).) b) In two or three sentences, explain why each site was not credible/accurate/useful. What was wrong with the site? Why did you decide this resource should not be used? Part 4: Understand the problem. After conducting research, add additional details that will help fully explain the problem. a) Provide details on what is or might be causing the problem. b) Describe how it is impacting/or could be impacting you. c) Does this problem in any way create other problems? d) Based on your research, how does this impact others? 

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