Shakespeare essay 1 | English homework help


In-Class Essay:  Drama


Essay on drama Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1595)


You will be asked to explicate and analyze a set of


·        approximately 18-25 lines.


·        explain and analyze the lines.
Imagine your audience is familiar with the play, but
that you need to interpret it for them.  Connect the analysis and meaning of the lines to a greater theme
in the play.


·        Supply evidence for your thesis in your outline.  Note
Act, scene, and line numbers.


·        Explication and Analysis


·        Your task is to identify an overall meaning or message related
to a theme in the play, explain the lines, and support your
reading with analysis, and possibly examples from other parts of the play.


·        5 paragraphs essay( introduction with thesis, 3 body paragraph, and conclusion


·        Length full 2 pages, double space


·        Act I, Scene 1, Lines 46-66 (1472)


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