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As we have seen so far in The Invisible War, gendered violence can easily become normalized as part of institutions like the military. However, as we’ve also read from a variety of perspectives this week, the military is not the only institution where gendered violence is perpetuated. For this week’s discussion board, we are thinking about how systems of (sexual) violence are put into place. Rather than individual experiences of violence occurring to women (and men) in the military, The Invisible War demonstrates how the use of (sexual) violence in the military is part of the culture—and structure—of this institution. How can we see this as connected to cultures of (sexual) violence elsewhere in society?

For this week’s discussion board, we are thinking about how seemingly small or individual instances of violence contribute to broader cultures of violence. One way this is particularly well demonstrated is through the concept of rape culture, which many of our readings this week address. This discussion board consists of two parts: first, please explain how you understand rape culture; second, find an example of rape culture from the media—it can be from anywhere: the news, a blog, a music video, a television show, etc. (Please provide a link to your example).  Critically analyze your example is this evidence of institutional sexual violence? If there is a victim/perpetrator: how is the “victim” framed, and how is the “perpetrator” framed? What does this tell us about gender and sexual violence? and explain how it relates to this week’s readings and your definition of rape culture. To guide you in your post, please pay close attention to Shannon Ridgway’s “25 Everyday Examples of Rape Culture” to better understand the meaning of rape culture, which is a very clear example of a culture of violence.

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