Simply questuons, i supply other student answers just rewrite

MUST ANSWER ASSIGNMENTS 1 AND 2.  I uploaded other student answers so just use their answers for reserach to write your own answers and do not copy their answers word for word. word doc has all the student answers. also mention the source if your copying words from some where  DUE TONIGHT in 7 hours very easy  10pm eastern time – nyc time

assignment 1

Answer the following questions at least in part in terms of Mancur Olson’s analysis of special interests and selective incentives:

(1) (a) Describe the contract made by China and the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) that allows the Chinese to assume control of the DRC’s copper mines (p. 99).  

(b) Why do the governments of Burma, the DRC, and Peru allow the Chinese to assume police extraterritorial police and regulatory authority?

(2) Why aren’t the employees in the DRC’s copper mines, Burma’s jade mines, and Peruvina copper mines in San Juan de Marcona able to effectively unionize?

assignment 2

(1) What are the implications of the Chinese diaspora and the methods of management described in the reading for unionism around the world?


(2) Marxism is an ideology that claims to react to capitalist exploitation.  Yet, China’s Marxist government exploits third world workers at least as egregiously as capitalist firms did in the worst, earliest period of capitalism in the 1600s. 

(a) Is this kind of treatment of employees necessarily characteristic of the early stages of development? (b) Over time, capitalist firms learned that approaches such as welfare capitalism, scientific management, human relations, and worker participation generate more profit than do exploitive methods.  Why don’t the Chinese mining companies operate in the more sophisticated manner of later capitalism rather than in the less sophisticated manner of mercantilism or early capitalism?

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