Mgt 488 week 5 individual assignment case study analysis

MGT 488 Week 5 Individual Assignment Case Study Analysis


.       Individual Assignment: Case Study Analysis




Read Case Study 26 Tyco International: A Case of Corporate Malfeasance on pp. 321-333 of Strategic Management.

Prepare a 700- to 1,000-word paper analyzing strategic implementation at Tyco that includes the following:



o        Describe how the lack of corporate governance at Tyco contributed to its downfall.


o        Explain how Dennis Kozlowski used organizational structure and controls to implement his strategic plan.


o        Analyze the role of Tyco leadership in strategic implementation.


o        Evaluate the role of strategic entrepreneurship in creating firm value at Tyco.


o        Reference your readings and at least two other sources, including the Internet, or other properly cited sources.




Format your paper according to APA standards.


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