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Essay 4 Assignment Goals & Instructions

1) Essay 4 is a persuasive essay.

2) It must be 4-5 pages long and include at least two research sources taken from the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database found in the GPC Library’s GALILEO database of searchable journal articles. You can access GALILEO quickly by clicking on the GALILEO tab found at the top of our iCollege homepage (see above).

3) It must incorporate opposing viewpoints (consider two sides of a debatable issue) and present at least three reasons for and three reasons against the debatable issue (your chosen topic).

4) The must use at least two research sources in your essay (one article for (pro) and one article against (con) your chosen debatable issue).

5) Your paper should include a properly formatted works cited page and in-text citations (signal phrases or parenthetical citations) done in the MLA format and style (if you are not sure about details of how to cite sources in the MLA style, view or review MLA video tutorials #’s 1-6 found in our iCollege course.

6. Your essay should be formatted in the MLA style (typed, titled, with header, heading, page #’s, double-spaced, in Times New Roman typeface and 12 point fonts.

REMINDER: Everyone’s topic for this essay must be chosen from the list of topics found at the database entitled “Opposing Viewpoints in Context” found in the GPC Library’s searchable database of journal articles, GALILEO.

REMINDER#2: This essay should be 4-5 pages long (a 3-4 page body plus a works cited page with the works cited page included in the essay document, not submitted as a separate document or file). P.S. Don’t forget: the MLA style does not use a cover page; your essay should not have a cover page.



I. Introduction

    A. Use a story, quote, fact, statistic, or other strategy to engage readers’s interest with the essay topic
    B. Give a brief definition and/or background of debatable topic/issue–what is it? why is it important?       
    C. Briefly summarize views for and against|    
    D. State your thesis–clearly state the position or view on the debatable issue that you will be arguing for or against

II. Background/History of Topic–what is it how did it get started          
    A. Early History of Topic–how did this issue begin/get started?          
    B. Middle History of Topic–how did this issue evolve up to the present?          
    C. Current Issues in your topic>focus on the debatable issue

    (any transitional sentence or sentences)

III. Present Cons: Present the views that you want to argue against here):     

(any transitional sentence or sentences)

IV. Present Pros: Present arguments and facts opposing the views in III above & present any points and counterpoints to support your argument/thesis here:

(any transitional sentence or sentences)

V. Conclusion (1-3 paragraphs)
    A. Summarize your argument for your position on your debatable issue; include at least one sentence of summary for each main point discussed in the body
    B. Develop any ideas that result from your argument, these can/should include one or more of the following: 
        1) Predictions about the future of this issue
        2) Recommendations for changes needed to your issue or topic
        3) Question(s) that arise that still need to be researched about your topic
        4) Any final thought(s) or quote that you can use to conclude the essay and give it a sense of completeness

VI. Have a works cited page to show your sources*

*Use in-text citations (signal phrases or parenthetical citations) to cite sources in the body of your essay;
If you are unsure about how to do in-text citations, view youtube vid entitled MLA Tutorial #6: In-text Citations found in our iCollege course

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