Hca 230 week 5 assignment are you a good communicator

HCA 230 Week 5 Assignment Are You A Good Communicator




Imagine you are a writer for a health care trade magazine. The editor has asked you to write next month’s editorial on interpersonal relationships in the health care industry. Resource: How Assertive Are You? quiz in Ch. 6 of Communicating in the Workplace


Write a 700- to 1,050-word editorial essay and include the following: 


Define effective communication and explain why quality interpersonal relationships are important, particularly in the health care industry. 

Describe supportive and defensive relationships and explain why one type of relationship is more appropriate for the health care industry. 

Define assertive style and explain its appropriateness in a health care workplace. 

Self-assess the elements of your interpersonal communication skills. 

Use your self-assessment as an example to explain what others can do to self-assess their assertiveness so they might make changes in their style to positively influence their health care workplace. 

Include at least two references. Format your essay consistent with APA guidelines.

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