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The computer keeps data and programs in storage. There are two kinds of storage. What is the main difference between them?


When you call a method you need to specify three items. Mention them with an example.


Learning Outcome(s):

Ch. (2)

Learn about variables






Question Three

What is wrong with the following variable declarations? If wrong, explain. If correct (nothing wrong), write “correct”.

double 1st_var = 10;

int var2;

int var3 = var2;

string name = ”var3”;

double out-put = 5

double x, y;

int import= 100;

Learning Outcome(s):

Ch. (2)

Learn about parameters and return values







Question Four

Find/Fix errors in the following code:

public new MoveTester


       public static main(String[ ] args);


rectangle box = new rectangle(5, 10, 20, 30);


box1.translate(15, 25);


System.out.print(“x: “)


           System.out.println(“Expected: 20”);


           System.out.print(“y: “);


           System.ou.println(“Expected: 35”);  




Learning Outcome(s):

Ch. (3).


Understand classes and objects





Question Five

Consider class AB:


What is the output of  each of the following cases:

a- BA ba1 = new BA();

    System.out.println( ba1.getN());           

b – BA ba1 = new BA(2,20,”ABC”);          

     System.out.println( ba1.getN());                         


c-    BA ba1 = new BA(2,20,”ABC”);



        System.out.println(“Name: ” + ba1.getN());

        System.out.println(“Amount: ” + ba1.getA());

        //System.out.println(“Name: ” + ba1.getN());




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