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Think of yourself as an organizational leader. You will be speaking to your entire organization in a few months on the topic of Envisioning Success or the topic of Energizing the Team.  

Create a motivation story for your team on the topic of Energizing The team.  

The story can be a fiction story ( not nessesereley).  

 Use your imagination to captivate your audience. 



The story should include:

 Where and when?   The fundamental meaning of context is the setting—  the where and when of a story. Clearly stating where and when the story   takes place tells the audience if the story is fact or fiction.


 Who is the main character?   This is the subject of your story, the hero,   or at least the person from whose perspective the story is told—the protagonist.


 What does the character want?   What is the hero trying to achieve?   What is the character’s passion or objective?


Who or what is getting in the way?   This is the obstacle, the villain, or the   enemy in the story. It could be a person, like your high school nemesis,   or the boss who passed you over for a promotion.


Action – This is where you tell what happened to your main character. Most importantly, it’s where the hero does battle with the villain.



Result – The result is the final stage of the story where you accomplish three main   things. In addition to telling how the story ends, this is where you explain   the right lesson the audience should have learned, and link back to why   you told the story in the first place.


Right lesson.   The second-to-last paragraph delivers the moral of the   story.


Link back to why.   moral back to the original purpose of telling the story—the why—to il-  lustrate the point that storytelling is a better vehicle for teaching and   leadership. It ends with, “Experience is the best teacher”


EXAMPLE: Version 2: Context, Action, Result  

 (Context) In the late 1990s, Titleist had a 75 percent market share of   the golf ball market among the best golfers in the country (those with a   handicap of 15 or less). But that only represented about 5 percent of   golfers. It only had a 20 percent market share among the other 95 percent   of golfers. To reach that other 95 percent, conventional marketing wisdom   dictated that it should launch a lower-priced, lower-quality version of its   flagship Titleist ProV1. The problem with that, however, was that some   of its accomplished players buying the $5 ProV1 balls might find the new   cheaper version good enough, and trade down to a $3 ball. What did Ti-  tleist do?   

(Action) In the early 2000s, Titleist launched the NXT golf ball mar-  keted at average and recreational golfers with handicaps well above par.   The NXT was designed to create less spin, have a soft feel, and deliver   more consistency—exactly what 95 percent of golfers within this target au-  dience wanted. And because it didn’t deliver the short-game spin, feel, and   control that Titleist’s flagship model ProV1 would, accomplished golfers   wouldn’t consider trading down from the ball they’d been buying for years.  

 (Result) The NXT turned out to be a great decision. Titleist’s market   share more than doubled, from 20 percent to 43 percent, among the aver-  age golfers, while still growing among the accomplished golfer segment.   Conclusion: Titleist delivered its growth challenge by realizing that   average consumers don’t necessarily have watered-down needs compared to the most demanding ones. They have different needs entirely. Under-  stand your consumers deeply, and design a product to delight each group   separately.    See how much better that flows?   

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