The weight of water is 62.42796 pounds

1.Code writing
The weight of water is 62.42796 pounds per cubic foot.Write a complete C++ program to input the length, width, and depth of a pool in feet. Compute the volume (Volume is the length times the width times the depth) and multiply this by the weight of a cubic foot of water.Checkpoints: The weight of water must be declared as a pound defined global constant; must prompt the user for each dimension separately; and, output must be one digit to the right of the decimal point.Write all necessary statements. Use no function other than main().. No arrays, no loops. (20 points)Sample run:Enter length (ft): 30.6
Enter width (ft): 15.2
Enter depth (ft): 8.0
Weight: 232291.9 pounds2.Code writing

 Complete the program below writing by writing the prototypes and function definitions for getData() and for calBMR(). Make no changes to main()!Function getData() is to prompt the user for and input the person’s weight, height (in inches), age, and ‘F’ for female and ‘M’ for male. Make sure that the program is not case sensitive and exit the program if there is a data entry error. The function calcBMR() should calculate and return the basil metabolic rate (BMR).For Women: BMR = 655 + 4.3 * weight + 4.7 * height in inches + 4.7 * ageFor Men: BMR = 66 + 6.3 * weight + 12.9 * height in inches + 6.8 * age#includeusing namespace std;// Write the prototypes for getData() and calcBMR()__________________________________________________________________________________________int main()
// Local Declarations
double weight, height, age;
char sex;
double valBMR;
//Call function to input person’s information
getData(weight, height, age, sex);
//Call function to calculate BMR
valBMR = calcBMR(weight, height, age, sex);
// Output
cout << “BMR: ” << valBMR << endl;return 0;
}// main
//Define functions getData() and calc()HTML Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

3. Code writing
Meridian Corporation of Fremont is trying to decide whether to reward employees who carpool to work. The proposed plan is to pay each employee in the carpool $ 0.08 per mile if the minimum passenger efficiency of 25.0 is met. The passenger efficiency is calculated asP = nm
Gwhere n is the number of people in the carpool, m is the distance traveled in miles and G is the number of gallons of fuel used.The file opened in part A (do not open it again but do have a reference to it as a parameter) contains data on existing carpools. The input file represents each existing carpool as a line of data containing the number of people in the carpool, the total commuting distance for a five-day work week, and the number of gallons used. Write a function called calcEfficiency to process this file until the end of data. Calculate the passenger efficiency for each carpool and if the efficiency is greater than 25.0 then output the passenger efficiency and the amount to be rewarded to the screen. Use no arrays! Paste in only the function definition – not main() even it you wrote it to test your program.Sample carpool.txt2 80 4
3 125 10.5
2 350 15.9Sample output Screen:Efficiency Money
40.0 $ 6.40
35.7 $10.00
44.0 …

4. Assume #includeGivenifstream fpIn;Write a statement to open a file called carpools.txt and assign the pointer to fpIn. If the file cannot be found, then print out the message No such file and exit the execution of the program.

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