Conflict management & dispute resolution report

 Please answer all parts of this question.  


  1. You are the independent project manager on a portfolio of projects, your client seeks advice on Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution. Write a report detailing what provisions your client might make for Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution across the portfolio. So what’s available for  Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution, and what would you recommend.

15 marks   

  1. Evaluate the use [either real or potential] of Principled Negotiation (PN) in a country or industry [state the country and or industry]. So evaluate how PN is used or might be used in a country or industry.

5 marks 

Requirements: 1500-1800words, not to exceed 2000 words, I stop reading at 2000 words.

 Some Tips:

1.  I don’t know what exact meaning of ‘provisions for your client’. From my perspective, I consider this is a kind of action or regulations that should be set up before the conflict and dispute happened, or, it is a proposal for a solution to an ongoing conflict and dispute. YES. If so, can I recommend that my client use game theory to resolve the conflict and dispute? HOW CAN YOU USE GAME THEORY TO RESOLVE CONFLICT AND DISPUTE? • 

2. And Could you please explain what is ‘portfolio’ to me? – PETER FENN HAS A PORTFOLIO OF LECTURES AND TEACHING, INCLUDING: • 66061, 66062, 40461, PhD STUDENTS, BSc STUDENTS 

3.Could I use Arial 12 font with double line spacing? That is your decision, read some reports make your own investigations. Should references follow the Harvard format?That is your decision, read some reports make your own investigations.

4. The first question is relatively more important.

5.The two questions should be answered separately, not mixed together.

6.Do I need to make a cover page for report?That is your decision, read some reports make your own investigations.

7.Is the report plain text or do I need to make a software diagram for the project?That is your decision, read some reports make your own investigations. I don’t know what a software design is.

8. I covered most of the material for the coursework in workbook and week 3 & 4.

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