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Title : SQL Queries

45. SELECT Prod_SKU, Prod_Descript, Prod_Type, Prod_Base, Prod_Category, Prod_Price

46. SELECT Emp_Fname, Emp_Lname, Emp_Email

47. SELECT Emp_Fname, Emp_Lname, Emp_Phone, Emp_Title, Dept_Num

48. SELECT e.Emp_Num, e.Emp_Lname, e.Emp_Fname, sh.Sal_From, sh.Sal_End, 

49. SELECT DISTINCT e.Cust_Fname, e.Cust_Lname, e.Cust_street, e.Cust_city, e.Cust_state, e.Cust_ZIP

50. SELECT e.Emp_Num, e.Emp_Lname, e.Email, e.Emp_Title, d.Dept_Name

51. SELECT b.Brand_Name, COUNT(p.Prod_SKU)

52. SELECT Prod_Category, COUNT(Prod_SKU)

53. SELECT prod_base, prod_type, COUNT(Prod_SKU)

54. SELECT Brand_ID, SUM(Prod_QOH)

55. SELECT b.Brand_ID, b.Brand_Name, ROUND(AVG(p.Prod_Price))

56. SELECT dept_num, MAX(Emp_Hiredate)

57. SELECT e.Emp_Num, e.Emp_Fname, e.Emp_Lname, MAX(sh.Sal_Amount)

58. SELECT c.Cust_Code, c.Cust_Fname, c.Cust_Lname, SUM(i.Inv_Total)

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