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1. The following information is listed for the configuration of a router: Internet Port: MAC Address – 00:21:3D:AE:2C:A6 IP Address – DHCP – DHCP Client IP Subnet Mask – Domain Name Server –, LAN Port: MAC Address – 00:21:3D:AE:2C:A5 IP Address – DHCP – OFF IP Subnet Mask – 

(a) The two MAC addresses are different. What is a MAC address, and why are the two different even though this is a single router? 

(b) The two IP addresses are different. What is an IP address, and why are the two different even though this is a single router? 

(c) Since DHCP is disabled on the router, it is not assigning addresses on the LAN. If setting a static IP address for a device on the LAN, what range of addresses could be utilized? 

2. List at least four services that are part of the internet and differentiate what each facilitates. You should include the World Wide Web as one of your four services.

à i) WWW

ii) DNS

iii) FTP

3. For the network that you have chosen to characterize, list the MAC Address, IP Address, IP Subnet Mask, Gateway Information, and DHCP and DNS Information for each network connection (all NICs in each computer as well as all network device connections). Based on this information, explain the flow of information in and configuration of this network. 

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