The civilizational significance of zombies

In the previous assignment, we started to trace the evolution of the zombie figure, making connections between Night of the Living Dead (1968) and World War Z (2013). To add to that discussion, our next reading examines the relationship between the novel World War Z and its film adaptation, as well as the place of this story in relation to other literature and film about zombies.

???? Read Michael Vlahos’ article “The Civilizational Significance of Zombies,” available here:

As you read, consider:

  • What claims does Vlahos make about why everybody’s so obsessed with zombies right now? What, according to Vlahos, do we get out of watching films and reading stories about zombies and the zombie apocalypse? Do you agree with him?

???? Write a paragraph (100-300 words) responding to the question above. Be sure to engage with specific details from the article. You’re free to include details from Night of the Living Dead, World War Z, or any other zombie stories you’re familiar with, to help support your analysis.

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