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Network Administration
(All essay answers need to be double-spaced)

1. Create a table the shows six of the common TCP/IP protocols installed on Windows Server 2012/R

2. Protocol Name OSI Layer Function2. In a short essay, describe the format of an IPv4 address, an octet, and a subnet mask. Explain how the network address for a given IP address is determined and why IPv4 communication relies heavily on broadcast packets. Convert to binary.

3. In a short essay, explain Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR). What subnet mask does have in CIDR notation?

4. In a short essay, define the format of an IPv6 address, the use of hexadecimal numbering, the format for zero values, and interface ID. Describe the IPv6 address types.

5. In a short essay, outline the two methods of IPv6 autoconfiguration.

6. In a ½ page essay (double-spaced), explain the various transition methods used for IPv4 and IPv6 to coexist.

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