Download the files emp | Computer Science homework help


1) Download the files Emp.h , Emp.cpp, and EmployeeTestApp from “Class Content -> Week-02

2) Create a new Project with Visual Studio 2010 named Employees

3) Add the three files to the new Project

4) Add an Attribute (variable) to Emp.h

a. Add the setter Interface for that attribute

b. Add the getter Interface for that attribute

5) Add the same attribute to the Emp.cpp

a. Add the setter Implementation for that attribute

b. Add the getter Implementation for that attribute

c. Add the attribute to the displayAttributes() method’s Implementation

6) Add the Prompt and Input of the new Attribute to the main() program

7) Show the results of the new output – containing the display of the new Attribute

8) Place all Edited code in one Notepad file and Submit it 

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