Internet protocol and subnetting | Fundamentals of Networking

You have learned a great deal about the Internet Protocol (IP). IP is a set of rules for how data is sent across networks and arrive at the intended destination. An IP address is a numeric identifier assigned to each device on an IP network. Unfortunately, the internet has finally run out of IPv4 addresses. The good news is that everyone knew this would eventually occur and there is a solution: IPv6.

For this discussion, compare the characteristics of IPv4 and IPv6. Discuss any benefits one provides over the other.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 have the option to subnet. Some of the reasons to subnet a network is to improve network performance and speed, reduce network congestion, control network growth, and ease administration.

Next, select a Class A, B, and C IP (v4) address for input into the subnet calculator.

Class A: –
Class B: –
Class C: –
Take a screenshot and post each of your results to include in your post.

If you want to increase the number of subnets, you simply change the Maximum Subnets field input to your desired number. When you increase this number, what happens to the Host per Subnet field and why?

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