Discussion 2: interconnectedness of life discussion | BSC1005


This discussion presents you with some real-life examples of the effects of human impacts, such as hunting/fishing, and global warming. Begin by going through two articles found in D2L under Section 2.

Article 1: Decline of Predators. 

Article 2: How ocean warming and acidification affect food webs. 

    Step one: Make a food chain 

  1.  Article one gives several examples of food chains that were damaged by humans. Choose any one food chain and write it out. Identify the trophic level of at least three steps in the food chain. You are encouraged to use the Internet to investigate further if you’d like more information about a food chain of interest to you.

   Step Two: Interconnectedness – In approximately one paragraph, respond to the following discussion prompts. Relate your discussion points to the articles you read. 

  1. After going through both articles, react to the statement “Life on this planet is a delicate balance”. What does this mean to you?
  2. In what ways have humans directly or indirectly affected this balance?
  3. What measures would you be willing to take to correct human impacts on global food webs?

Respond to your peers – Due by the due date.

NOTE: Only those student who have submitted a main post two days before due date are eligible to respond to peers.

Go through the majority of the posts and respond to two other students. Both of your responses should be grammatically correct, well thought out, and further the discussion. Some common ways to further a discussion are to ask a question, share something related to the topic, or expand on a topic. Responses should be approximately a paragraph in length.

For example, in this topic, you might note similarities and differences in your choice of food chains. You may also find you have a comment or a question on your peer’s interpretation of the statement or their assessment of human impacts on the environment. Remember to always be respectful to differing opinions! 


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