Descriptive language assignment (engl1013 english composition)


Practice describing images in a vibrant way by completing the exercises below. Follow the directions and steps within the prompt document above to complete this assignment.

Step 1: Listen to a soundscape and take notes

· Choose a soundscape below and click through to the corresponding YouTube video (you’ll need headphones or speakers for this activity):

o Farm House Ambience (Links to an external site.)

o Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience (Links to an external site.)

o Aurora Hotel Ambience (Links to an external site.)

· Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the scene, based on the sounds and the description paragraph.

· Download this document and take notes on each of the sections using the graphic organizer on page 1.

Step 2: Write an original paragraph

· Taking directly from your sensory notes in step #1, compose an original paragraph (or two) of 4-6 sentences each, adding your own detailed images from the previous step to craft a short narrative. Keep listening as you write.

· If you need a place to start, read over the example (on page 2 of the document) and/or consider beginning your first sentence with one of the following phrases from today’s reading (Links to an external site.):

o You stand there…

o When I’m here, I know that…

o Every time…

o I [see/smell/hear/feel/taste] …

o We had been…

o I think sometimes…

· Save your document once you’re finished. 

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