2 discussion 200 words – rhetoric and theory

______________________________________Answer premises with book reading (200 words) 

*Due Tuesday, Sept. 6 @10am!*

Some guiding questions to consider as you are reading:

–was Plato’s dislike/distrust of the Sophists justified or unjustified?

–(borrowing from Borchers), are there contemporary equivalents of the Sophists?

–(borrowing again from Borchers), which of the five canons do you think is most important? Which do you think is least important?

–one key aspect of rhetoric’s “long debate” has to do with the relationship between rhetoric and dialectic. Is rhetoric the equal counterpart to dialectic? Is rhetoric inferior to dialectic (or the other way around)? Does rhetoric encompass dialectic (or the other way around)? Do any of these alternatives (or others) seem most reasonable to you?

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