Reflection on my healthcare policy competencies.

[ professor say: you’ve gained important skills in political advocacy to help lead healthcare reform at the local and national levels. Through your advanced knowledge and skills, you are prepared to advocate for healthcare policy that aims for safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable care. With these skills, you’re empowered to advance nursing practice and protect the welfare of patients,  developing your political competency.]

Review the Nurses on Boards and the National Nurse Campaign. As you reflect on what you have learned over the last 8 weeks: 


*I include some ideas in the questions that maybe you can use.*

1.  What are your plans for the future? 

I plan to continue professional nursing collaboration to influence policy changes that offer solutions for my community health problems. I want to apply what I had learned to get more involved in local and national organizations.   

2.  Will you heed the call for action and join an organization like Nurses on Boards or become engaged with the National Nurse Campaign?

3.  Will you join a professional nursing organization?

4.  Do you have other ideas that would work to benefit your community or an organization that is important to you?

 I’m currently working in a clinic specializing in an STDs prevention and treatment program. I plan to be more involved in the process of bringing direct attention to the most vulnerable population in my community.

5.  Share with the class what your plans are now that you have a new awareness of your abilities and capabilities to provide advocacy beyond the beside.

6.  Compose your final Tweet about this class. Remember to be concise as Twitter only allows 140 characters. Share your Tweet in the discussion. (done):

 # Hey DNPs, use your political competency to advocate for healthcare policy improvements for your communities!#


Use an APA 7 style and a minimum of 250 words. Provide support from a minimum of at least three (3) scholarly sources. The scholarly source needs to be: 1) evidence-based, 2) scholarly in nature, 3) Sources should be no more than five years old (published within the last 5 years), and 4) an in-text citation. citations and references are included when information is summarized/synthesized and/or direct quotes are used, in which APA style standards apply. Include the Doi or URL link.

• Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources. 

• Wikipedia, Wikis, .com website or blogs should not be used

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