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Throughout your professional career, you give many formal and informal presentations.  Chapter 5 discusses how to create a successful presentation, and the importance of audience.  This is another opportunity to bring previous knowledge, experience, and what we’ve learned in class, thus far, together.


Consider reviewing the videos on presentations earlier in this module.

To Do:

After reading Chapter 5 and Chapter 6, as well as reading the information provided on audience, students will create  a speech (utilizing visual aids) for our class.  The topic of your presentation will be something related to your future career.  Your choice of topics is broad and individualized. Find something important to you, now, as a professional or a topic that might aid you in preparation for future roles or one that is currently found in your field.  Although you will need to conduct some research, the topic need not be overly complex for our purposes.  

     First, research a topic relevant to your current or future career/workplace.  (Two reliable sources.)

     Second, create an informal outline of the presentation (Any format that you find helpful to organize your speech). 

     Third, consider visual aids.

     Fourth, create a bibliography in correct APA format .

     Film your presentation, utilizing visual aids (3-4 minutes).  Upload references/bibliography in APA format.  Post to Canvas. 

TIP: Being on camera is a part of the presentation. You can use PowerPoint for the presentation and zoom or skype, or even your cell phone as a means of filming. 

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