Html project 1 | MKTG 4620 | University of North Texas


Project 1 involves the creation of a personal website for yourself — also known as a resume site or a CV site.

The deadline for this project is 11:59 PM, Tuesday, October 23, 2018.

All the files used in the website must be contained within a specific folder named “project_1” (excluding the quotation marks) and stored on your portable USB drive. The submission of the Project will involve your uploading the entire folder (including all the files contained within it) to your web space on the Classweb server. Note: The name of the folder must EXACTLY be “project_1”. Nothing else! Not even “Project_1” or “Project-1”.

Inside this folder, you should organize your file in subfolders. In other words, on your Classweb server web space, you must have a folder named “project_1” in the root directory (root folder).

Inside of this folder (project_1), you can have one HTML — which must be named “1-home.html” and as many subfolders as you wish. How you organize the folder structure is up to you but must have a logical consistency to it.

The website must have the following minimum properties:

  • A home page that serves as an introduction or a launch page. This what the file “1-home.html” is for. The home page must have the following or a similar disclaimer: “This website was done in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Dr. Jhinuk Chowdhury’s E-Marketing Application & Tools class at the University of North Texas.” (One or more words/phrases in the preceding sentence must be appropriately hyperlinked.)
  • A consistent navigation menu with “Home” as the first item, and at least three more items. Examples of such items include “Family”, “Work”, “School”, “Images”, “Hobbies”, “Travel”, etc. You may also use whatever else may be appropriate in your case. So, each item on the navigation menu is a section of your website. Having multiple pages within each section will be rewarded. Creating multiple pages within a section, by simply repeating similar content is not going to be rewarded. For instance, if you have something like “Photos” as a section, and in that, you have two pages — with three photos on one page and three similar photos on another . . . that is NOT what I am looking for. You may divide it into subsections, such as ‘travel photos’ in one section and ‘friends & family’ in another – that would be fine. In other words, each page must have its own “identity.” Having more than three sections will earn you extra points.
  • Judicious use of images will be rewarded, as will be overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Even if the site seems to work, incorrect codes will cause you to lose points.
  • You must do this work yourself. You can seek assistance from others, but if your work is deemed to have been done by someone else, you will have violated the Student Code of Conduct and face serious repercussions.
  • You must do this project in hand-coded HTML. Use of a web authoring tool (such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage or any other software application) is strictly forbidden. Do NOT use any template — whether free or commercial.
  • You can look at the code of other sites/templates and try to emulate them if you wish. You may use/reuse code snippets that have been made available for reuse (keeping the commented sections of those codes with attributions to the authors). You can reuse code that you have encountered elsewhere (on someone else’s web pages), but you must have figured out how to use on your website. Examples of such code include JavaScript, Flash, CSS, etc.

You are expected to put your best effort into making the web page attractive, easily navigable, and free of coding errors. You must understand that a significant portion of the grading of this project is subjective on part of your instructor and grader; that just happens to be the nature of this course. I expect you to be able to accept the grading principle if you are not able to meet the required standards. In part, your work will be evaluated in comparison with the work of the rest of the students in the class.

Feel free to ask for clarifications in class prior to the deadline.

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