Tiffany case | Financial markets homework help

I’d like someone who is expert in internctional finance to write me 3 pages of thoes questions THIS PAPER NEEDS TO BE DONE BY A MASTER DEGREE HOLDER 

1- 1.       If you identified more than one foreign exchange risk, which is the most important?


1.       2- Should Tiffany actively manage exchange rate exposure?  What exposures should be actively managed?  What should the objectives be?

1.       3-Will hedging foreign exchange risk create value for shareholders?

2.       4-Consider which direction of the dollar-yen exchange rate is beneficial, and which is harmful to Tiffany & Co,


3.       Pay careful attention to the various hedging instruments’ terms and quoting conventions in applying the instruments to the case. I.e., yen options are quoted in 100ths of a cent per yen and the contract size is Yen 6,250,000.  








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