Nursing Question


Process Paper/Clinical Presentation

Stratford University School of Nursing

  Points Comments
Case Overview (20 points total)    
·         Medical Diagnosis- (Pathophysiology of medical diagnosis including definition, signs & symptoms, and treatment/diagnostic measures), cite sources.

·         Explain why this topic is important to you.

·         What are the Nursing Considerations for this medical diagnosis?

Nursing Process (50 points total)    
Assessment 10 points

·         What subjective or objective data will be present with this type of patient/

·         Was there any aspect of your education that helped with this assessment decision? Explain why?

Diagnosis 10 points

·         Develop Nursing diagnoses related to medical diagnoses (including primary physical, psychosocial, and educational nursing diagnosis).

·         Why did you choose them for this medical condition?

·         How did care planning at Stratford help with this? Explain your response.


Planning 10 points

·         How would you plan your care for such a patient?

·         Do you foresee any difficulties with planning when caring for this patient and what or how would it impact your care process?

Implementing 10 points

·         What institutional resources played a factor in accomplishing your plan?

·         When reviewing the Nursing considerations, are there particular aspects that should be monitored such as lab values or etc.?

·         What are some tasks that could be delegated if any, for this type of patient? (Talk about that decision, to explain your reasoning).

Evaluation 10 points

·         Identify one best practice that could impact your care for this patient’s quality of care or patient’s safety.

·         What have you learned from choosing and presenting this medical diagnosis?

APA Format/Citations 10 points

·         Grammar, spelling, syntax

·         Minimum 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles/resources

·         Citations and reference page as per APA format

·         Keep time to 15 minutes or less



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