Final exam review worksheet questions and concepts study notes –


Final Exam Review Worksheet


Questions   and Concepts

STUDY NOTES – Include things   like where you located this information in your textbook, comments that help   you understand the element or concept


1. What are primary and secondary data sources? 


2. What is the primary purpose of the health   record?


3. What are some primary uses of the health   record?


4. What are some secondary uses of the health   record?


5. What are healthcare indexes? What is the   purpose of each?


6. Who governs the health record?


7. What is data and information?


8. What is aggregate data?


9. What is abstracting?


10. What are the data quality characteristics?   What does each of them mean?


11. What is a data set?


12. How do you calculate the length of stay?


13. How do you calculate the average length of   stay?


14. How do you calculate the gross death rate?


15. How do you calculate the gross autopsy rate?


16. What is rate, ratio, and proportion?


17. How do you find the mode of a set of numbers?


18. How do you find the mean of a set of numbers?


19. How is a percentage calculated?


20. How do you calculate the incidence rate?


21. How do you calculate the bed occupancy rate?


22. What is a case-mix index?


23. What are the infections rates? How do you   calculate them?


24. What is a sample size?


25. Describe the different types of sampling   methods.


26. What is a hypothesis? What are the different   types of hypothesis?


27. What is a variable?


28. What is a minimum data set?


29. What is a limited data set?


30. Describe the different types of anomalies.


31. What does IRB stand for and what does it do?


32. What are some methods of data collection?


33. What is normalization?


34. Describe the different types of research   methods.


35. Describe the different types of observations   when collecting data.


36. What is data governance?


37. What is information governance?


38. What is data management?


39. What are the IGPHC principles?


40. What is ANSI?


41. What is data stewardship?


42. What is a line chart?


43. What is a histogram?


44. What is a table?


45. What is a pictogram?


46. What is a bar chart?


47. What is a frequency polygon?


48. What is a classification system?


49. What is a clinical vocabulary?


50. What are the different data sets in healthcare   and what are their purposes? Ex. UHDDS

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