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Company Name- The Big Leaf

We need to make a “business proposal” for this company – “Business development plan for the west coast of Canada“. 

This assignment is about your personal and initial understanding of the client’s problem.

The component of this document:

1- Your general understanding of the problem: 

  • What are the dimensions?
  • What do you think the gaps are in each dimension?

2- Based on your current understanding and your own skill and perspective, what do you think the scope* of the problem is? *The scope is a narrowed-down problem to a specific aspect. To determine your scope, you should choose a combination of the gaps to fill and eventually to get to the results.

  • What data and information we need?
  • What is your chosen scope?
  • Why do you think this scope is vital to resolve? (Why did you chose the scope?)

3- The perspective results upon resolving the problem of your chosen scope.

  • What are the possible results for the client?
  • How the outcome can help the client (can add value)

4- A tentative timeline**.

During the two months left to the final presentation, develop a detailed timeline on steps you personally think it takes to prepare the final proposal (finalized step-by-step solutions).

** This timeline is not a timeline you offer to the client to implement your proposal. This timeline is what you will take to your teams to establish a team charter for performing team tasks. 

 The document MUST be related to the Big Leaf Project. General documents on general business problems are not accepted. 

A formal business tone is a must. Avoid academic tone, storytelling mode, etc. Following the format above suffices (points 1 to 4). 

The document should be free of any grammatical and dictation errors or typos.

Some specifications given by the client

1- Fund Constraints up to 25000 CAD 

2- Don’t want any proposal related to events or award function – but it can be related to networking

3- Mission – what are the opportunities in British Columbia

4- Goal- to get at-least 75 cad /hr of consultation

5- Creativity, methodology and validation

6- Ideal target market- can give money; easily able to penetrate in the market

7- Features and benefits should be like that it should be able to sell itself in the market

8- No APA required

9- Business writing

10- Competitors- want to focus on ethical consultancy

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