1. why was henry ii proud to be “king, alive, and 50 — all at

1. Why was Henry II proud to be “King, alive, and 50 — all at once!”?

2. Why does Henry II refuse to allow Eleanor out of prison?

3. When Eleanor asks Henry if he ever loved her, he resonded, “No.” Do you believe this is true? Explain.

4. How long as Eleanor been imprisoned?

5. What is the richest province in Europe? Who controls it?

6. Who was Rosamund? 7. What reasons does the King of France have to dislike Henry II? 8. What treason did Henry’s sons conspire in? With whom did they plot? Why? 9. After the treasons of all his sons, what remedy does Henry come up with? 10. Who in Rome can help Henry annul his marriage? 11. What drawback to this plan do both Eleanor and Alice point out to Henry?

12. Briefly describe the relationships listed below:

a. Richard and Eleanor
b. Henry and John
c. Alice and Richard
d. John and Richard

13. Who do you predict will become king upon Henry’s death? Why?
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