Sociology research paper on globalization and cultural reproduction

DUE in 15 hours max.


Abstract: The objective of this paper is to prove that fashion advertising and the people behind it have a strong communicative power over their audience. The standard for editorial fashion (fashion on the runway) has always been surrounding thin, Anglo looking women, often dangerously thin and predominantly white. It used to be that beauty was subject to the geographic location of a person. For example, a person who is around only blacks will have see the best looking black woman as the standard of true beauty and the same for Asians, Hispanic etc. However, due to globalization and rapid growth of technology the world has become smaller because people can constantly communicate with eachother no matter where they stand on the globe. With that, the European beauty standard has imposed itself on all parts of the world. Tall, thin and blonde is the ideal look. These advertisements are ubiquitous (all around us) and it has been engrained into women’s minds that they need to look this way. This paper is intended to reveal the messages that people behind these fashion advertisements are sending. There should be a data section which includes reference to the past few years of VOGUE magazine, which had thin, white women on almost EVERY color. The fashion advertising and magazine industries communicate a subtle racism and preference for dangerously thin body types which can have a negative psychological effect on the audience, especially young women. The focus of the paper is cultural reproduction which means that by continuing to put out images like this, these industries are keeping this culture of the ideal thin blonde the same. Cultural reproduction should be defined and explained in the paper as it relates to this topic. 


Layout and format with explicit instructions are attached. The articles I would like to use as research are also attached and must be cited in MLA format with some quotes in the paper. All four articles must be discussed in the literature review section. The data section must be about VOGUE and Vogue’s website should be cited. It must be six pages with the sections labeled as in the instructions. Proper grammar is important for this assignment.

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