Identify that industry and discuss which regulatory agency you think would garner the most attention,

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For this activity, choose the industry in which you work, desire to work, or have knowledge of. Identify that industry and discuss which regulatory agency you think would garner the most attention, and why, when it comes to safety, health, and environmental regulatory compliance. Along with this, what compliance efforts do you foresee as being the focus of an organization’s efforts in this industry and why?

Next, offer up a second regulatory agency that might require attention and compliance. For your second agency, try to pick one that hasn’t already been discussed, and explain why and how this agency might impact your chosen industry.


A hand holding a smartphone in front of an open book, and there is an image of filled bookshelves on the phone display.

Legal Liabilities in Safety and Loss Prevention (Schneid, 2019)

Chapter 1 – Overview and History

This chapter is an overview and history of safety-related legislation and the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This chapter includes the coverage and jurisdiction, state plan states, OSHA standards, and the general duty clause.

Legal Aspects of the Environmental, Health & Safety Profession (ASSP) (Links to an external site.)

Environmental Law Handbook, 21st Edition.

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Environmental Law (Hunt Library – Ebook Central) (Links to an external site.)

Chapter 1, written by Daniel Steinway, defines environmental laws and addresses the following: laws that establish compliance obligations; common law environmental requirements; laws that enforce permits; prohibitions and penalties; laws that define the environmental law framework; joint and several liability, indemnity, and contribution; environmental compliance principles; and, the importance of knowledge of environmental law.

2. Principles & Strategies in Environmental Law (50:21 – YouTu

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