Graded quiz 8.1: text analysis

 In this exercise, you will be reading and analyzing a short text.

Read the following letter to the editor from a local paper. Go through the seven-step process of analyzing the text. Feel free to make notes on a copy of the article. Then, answer the multiple choice questions and fill in the exercise that follow. 

Should driving while talking on a cell phone be illegal? 

I wish to comment on the recent ordinance passed by City Council that bans the use of cell phones while driving. First of all, driving while talking on the phone is dangerous because these distracted drivers cause accidents. Secondly, it is annoying to drive behind a person talking on the phone because they do not pay attention. As a result, they may drive too slow or not move at the intersection when the light changes. Furthermore, cell phones are not allowed on airplanes. Why should a car be any different? We should all be proud of our city leaders for addressing this problem.

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