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Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below classmate discussion post:

The noble cause itself is law enforcement making a commitment in keeping a community a safer place to live. When corruption is added to the noble cause, this is when us humans do something bad in an attempt to justify the means. The noble cause corruption theory does not just apply to law enforcement. In fact, this theory can be applied to any workplace. In the law enforcement workplace however, one can easily be exposed to this corruption as it is more accessible. When officers become the law, instead of enforcing it, is when corruption can surely follow. The Rampart CRASH unit is a prime example of noble cause corruption in the workplace. These officers emulated a gangster type mentality, and took it to the extremes of planting evidence, stealing, falsifying documents, “testilying” in court and police brutality. Unfortunately, noble cause corruption can even be rewarded if not caught soon enough. One thing I learned is that supervision is very important in order to help deter noble cause corruption in the workplace. Although a Rampart scandal could be harder to live in these times, one thing is for sure, officers still push the envelope to get someone they believe is bad off the streets, thus teetering within the lines of noble cause corruption.      

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