Week 2 cj chat | Criminal homework help

Consider a specific job within the criminal justice system.

  • What characteristics of that job are sources of motivation, and what characteristics may lead to dissatisfaction or burnout?
  • How would you redesign the job to emphasize the first set of characteristics and deemphasize the others?
  • Do you think others would agree, or are there important individual differences to take into account?

Be sure that you are using proper APA format and that you have at least one Peer-Reviewed Article in your research.Click on “Week 2 CJ Chat: Motivation” above. Then, create a thread to begin. Be sure to reply to your peers per the rubric requirements.Note: Please remember…even if the question asks for your opinion, you are expected to support your opinion with research. Again please remember that each and every Chat post must be supported by a minimum 1 referenced scholarly (again this applies to all participation posts as well as the primary Chat post), cited in accordance with the APA 7th edition. Participation posts that dont include new referenced material will fail to even meet the most minimum requirements and will be graded accordingly, i.e., no points assigned. Hence making  a post that is unsupported via references, and in turn only unsupported opinion will result in 0 points for that post (also such posts do not count toward the 3 day posting requirement) .Your threaded discussion Chat will be graded as follows (PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE HIGHER REQUIREMENTS SINCE THIS IS AN UPPER DIVISION COURSE):Student met minimum required word count for Initial post – 15 points Student posting was on point and relevant to the question asked – 10 points Student cited references in the body of the post as well as at the end of the post – 5 pointsTotal 30 PointsContent of student’s 2nd post points was on point and relevant to the topic being discussed – 15 pointsStudent met minimum word count for 2nd post – 5 pointsTotal 20 Points Content of student’s 3rd post was on point and relevant to the topic being discussed – 15 pointsStudent met minimum word count for 3rd post – 5 pointsTotal 20 pointsContent of student’s 4th post was on point and relevant to the topic being discussed – 15 Points Student met minimum word count for 4th post – 5 points Total 20 Points Student met minimum mandatory posting requirement of 4 posts on 3 separate days – 10 pts

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