Discussion week 3 mat1033 | Algebra homework help


  • Week 3      discussion 
  • To Receive Discussion Board Credit this      Week:
  • Identify what Factoring Type, A –      E,  will be used to Factor each of the given Polynomials #’s 1-5      below:


. Remove the GCF

A. Easy Trinomial,

B. Factor By Grouping,

C. Difference of Two Squares,

D. Double Trouble Trial and Error

  • Explain how to factor EACH      polynomial using complete sentences illustrating      your understanding.
    • Example: The       polynomial      is an Easy Trinomial.
    • The factors of -48 that add to give me       -2 would be 6 and -8.
    • Since trinomials factor into 2       binomials the factored form would be (m+6)(m-8)
  • Use the Factoring Flow Chart posted in      week 3 to help you.

1.  25×4 – 9                           

2.  9xy + 12yz – 3y                    

3.  x3 + x2 – 4x – 4                   

4.  x2 – 6x + 8 

5.  3×2 + 11x + 6 

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