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Challenge 6 – Reflection
Answer the following questions as a reflection on the course.
Performance Assessment
1) What are your overall thoughts about your performance on each challenge?
2) What do you think was your greatest strength for each challenge? How did you use this strength
to your benefit?
3) What were the top two difficulties you faced? How did you overcome any difficulties you faced?
Implications of Findings
1) What are the key conclusions you are able to draw from each challenge?
2) Discuss the connections you see between the challenges.
3) Are there topics, concepts, or skills that you felt were necessary to complete the challenges
were not touched upon. What are the topics, concepts, or skills should have been included that
you could have benefited from?
Real-World Application
1) What lessons did you learn from these challenges that you can apply to a current job, internship,
or future job?
2) What advice would you give to future students before they attempt the challenges?

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