Acc- minicase – s&s air goes international

This is the mini case question.

Read the MiniCase below and answer the following 3 questions. We are using the following questions to assess your current knowledge of some international business issues. Your answers will help us understand some of the areas we may need to focus on in regards to future MBA curriculum. It is not expected that many of you will be able to answer these questions in extensive detail, since many are new to the MBA program and have not taken courses where the focus was international business issues. Therefore, we only ask that you do your best in trying to answer these questions. We do not expect you to do additional research or reading. This is simply an assessment of where you and your fellow students currently stand as to knowledge of international business issues.

MINICASE – S&S Air Goes International 
Mark Sexton and Todd Story, the owners of S&S Air, have been in discussions with a light aircraft dealer in Monaco about selling the company’s planes in Europe. Jarek Jacho-wicz, the dealer, wants to add S&S Air to his current retail line. Jarek has told Mark and Todd that he feels the retail sales will be approximately €5 million per month. All sales will be made in euros, and Jarek will retain 5 percent of retail sales as a commission, which will be paid in euros. Because the planes will be customized to order, the fi rst sales will take place in one month. Jarek will pay S&S Air for the order 90 days after it is filled. This payment schedule will continue for the length of the contract between the two companies. Mark and Todd are confident the company can handle the extra volume with its existing facilities, but they are unsure about the potential financial risks of selling their planes in Europe. In their discussion with Jarek, they found that the current exchange rate is $1.35y€. At the current exchange rate, the company would spend 80 percent of the sales on production costs. This number does not reflect the sales commission paid to Jarek. Mark and Todd have decided to ask Chris Guthrie, the company’s financial analyst, to prepare an analysis of the proposed international sales. Specifically, they ask Chris to answer the following questions. 
1. What kind of international business issues might S&S Air face when doing business in Europe in regards to cultural differences, political, government and economic issues that might impact current and future business success?
2. What kind of international business issues might S&S Air face in regards to legal requirements and operational issues as it sells airplanes within the European market?
3. If the exchange rate changes from $1.45/1 Euro to $1.30/1 Euro, how will that impact S&S Air’s financial profitability in general?

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