Issues in Computer Ethics

This assignment is PowerPoint slide 10-15 slides to be exact please base pricing off of doing a power point not writing an essay.  The topic of the slides will be Online Personal Information in regards to Data Privacy.

For your final project for the course, you are to complete the following:

1) Choose one of the topics and/or themes that we covered that resonated with you as a technology user or an individual.  You can pick whichever topic you most enjoyed or that which was most enlightening to you, etc.  The choice is entirely up to you.

2) Create a presentation that explains the issue in detail and highlights the key aspects of the ethical issue.  Be sure to identify why the issue is an ethical dilemma and present both sides of the ethical debate to the reader.  Your presentation could be in PowerPoint, Prezi or any other creative tool that you choose.

3) Clearly outline why you felt that this issue was important and/or why you chose it for this presentation.

4) Give suggestions and/or advice as to how to behave ethically and responsibly in light of the ethical issue.  Be specific in your guidelines and connect your suggestions to the content and materials that we presented during the course.

5) DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!  If you use quotes from a source, use quotation marks ”  ” and cite the source after the quote!  If you paraphrase, give information about where you got the information from on each slide!  Plagiarism and improper citations will not be accepted and will not result in you earning full credit for this final project!    Reach out if you have questions on how/when to cite or contact the Writing Center for more information….

PowerPoint presentations should be approximately 10-15 slides.  This is due by Wednesday 5/11

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