Introduction and project metholoy | Management homework help

 For your project, you will apply systems thinking within a scenario that can be shaped by your personal or professional interests. First, you will select a challenge area of focus—either one of the provided emerging technological challenges below or your own choice, approved by your instructor. If you have a particular area you are passionate about that has an impact on your professional or personal life and that you believe is an appropriate challenge for a systems thinking approach, you can describe your challenge area and related problem according to the critical elements below and submit it for your instructor’s approval.  

 If you would prefer, you can select one of the emerging technology areas below and identify a related problem for your final project:  

  Autonomous vehicles  Wearable and implantable technology  Virtual and augmented reality  

 Once you have chosen your challenge area, you will refine your project focus by creating an identity for a client organization with vested interests in your chosen challenge area (this may be the organization you work for or are affiliated with). You will act as a consultant for this client. You will identify plausible perspectives and goals for this organization, including what it sees as the key problem related to the challenge area.  

 Prompt:  you will identify and describe the challenge area you wish to analyze for your final project, build your client profile, and formulate a problem statement that leads to a systems thinking approach to address your client’s needs. 

 Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

   Identify your challenge are

  Build a client profile. Identify a client that has a vested interest in your challenge area, describe the relevance of the challenge area to the client. What are your client’s perspectives and goals as they relate to the challenge area? What does your client sees as its key problem related to the challenge area? 

 Based on your client profile, formulate a problem statement that leads to a systems thinking approach to problem solving.   

 Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Your first milestone should be submitted as a 1.5 pages Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. All sources used should be cited in APA style 

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