Course project – best practices


In Human Services, best practices are those that have been shown through application and experience to be most effective when working with clients. Even though each client will be unique, there are certain standards or generalizations for practice that can be applied based on the client group. To conclude your presentation, discuss best practices for working with your client based on human behavior theory. 


In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, write a brief summary of the best practices you plan to include in your presentation. Address the following:

  1. Explain why you have chosen the best practices, including reference to the human behavior theory you plan to use to help detail your ideas.
  2. Discuss your thoughts on important personal values to be aware of when working with the client.
  3. Implement a least one (1) credible resource and include one (1) intext citation.
  • Include any resources you used on the reference page.
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