As a general rule, it is desirable to finance the permanent assets,

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As a general rule, it is desirable to finance the permanent assets, including “permanent current assets”, with long-term debt and equity.

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Short-term interest rates are generally lower than long-term interest rates.


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Commercial bank term loans


A.usually carry fixed interest rates.


B.are very short-term in nature.


C.are offered to superior credit applicants.


D.both b and c.


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Dun & Bradstreet is known for providing

A.interest rate information to cash managers. scoring reports that rank a company’s payment habits relative to its peer group. management systems to corporate treasurers.


D.consumer credit reports to credit card companies


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Small companies finance a relatively greater proportion of their assets through trade credit than do larger concerns.



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A financial executive devotes the most time to

A.Long-range planning.


B.Capital budgeting.


C.Short-term financing.


D.Working capital management.


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Short-term financing is risky because of the possibility of rising short-term rates and the inability of always being able to refund short-term debt.



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From the banker’s point of view, short-term bank credit is an excellent way of financing


A.fixed assets.


B.permanent working capital needs.


C.repayment of long-term debt.


D.seasonal bulges in inventory and receivables.


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One of the first considerations in cash management is have as much cash as possible on hand.


B.synchronization of cash inflows and cash outflows.


C.profitability. put any excess cash into accounts receivable.


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Cash balances are usually determined by the amount of cash flowing through the firm on a yearly basis.




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Seasonal production allows for maximum efficiency in machinery and manpower use.


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Even during slack loan periods, banks will never loan out money at an interest rate lower than the prime rate because the prime rate is their best rate.


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The use of cash budgeting procedures


A.helps the firm plan its current asset levels for a given production plan.



B.makes managing inventory easier under seasonal production.



C. illustrates fluctuating levels of current assets for a given production plan.



D. all of these are correct.

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Permanent current assets are not similar to fixed assets because they are fully liquidated within the year.



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Modos Company has deposited $3,500 in checks received from customers. It has written $1,400 in checks to its suppliers. The initial bank and book balance was $600. If $1,600 of its customer s checks have cleared but only $600 of its own, calculate its float.










Bank balance = $600 + $1.600 – $600 = $1,600

Book balance = $600 + $3,500 – $1,400 = $2,700

Float = $1,100

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A Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management program has all but which of the following requirements?


A.quality production


B.large safety stocks


C.close ties between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers


D.minimizing inventory levels


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Because of changing economic conditions, it is difficult for companies such as Dun & Bradstreet to devise models predicting payment problems and probability of bankruptcy 12 months in the future.


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A trade discount is a percentage reduction from the invoice price given for purchasing certain minimum quantities.


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The Truth in Lending law is designed to protect


A.corporate borrowers.




C. consumers.


D.investors in municipal bonds.


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A “normal” term structure of interest rates would depict


A.short-term rates higher than long-term rates.



B.long-term rates higher than short-term rates. general relationship between short- and long-term rates.



D.Intermediate rates (1-5 years) lower than both short-term and long-term rates.



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Bank loans to business firms


A.are usually short-term in nature.


B.are preferred by the banker to be self-liquidating.


C.may require compensating balances.


D.all of these.


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Normally, permanent current assets should be financed by


A.long-term funds.


B.short-term funds.


C.borrowed funds.


D.internally generated funds.


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Which of the following is not a valid quantitative measure for accounts receivable collection policies?

A.average collection period


B.aging of accounts receivables


C.ratio of debt to equity


D.ratio of bad debts to credit sales


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Working capital management is relatively unimportant for the small business.


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For most firms, the primary motive for holding cash is the transaction motive.





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