yeji johnson 1 posts re:topic 2 dq 2 (obj. 2.2) samhsa/csat (2010)


 Yeji Johnson 

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Re:Topic 2 DQ 2 (Obj. 2.2)


SAMHSA/CSAT (2010) provides the following qualities of cultural competence a practitioner can demonstrate when treating diverse clients:

  • Shows acceptance      of and respect for differences.
  • Expands cultural      knowledge and resources.
  • Provides      continuous self-assessment.
  • Pays attention      to the dynamics of difference to meet client needs better.
  • Adapts service      models to needs.
  • Seeks advice and      consultation from minority communities
  • Is committed to      policies that enhance services to diverse clientele.

These can be my ground rules and strategies that I can incorporate into group counseling. Given the goals that group members need to achieve as a whole from group counseling, it may be unrealistic to provide counseling that is always consistent with each group member’s cultural values and backgrounds. However, it is crucial to make connections with each group member based on understanding of each client’s backgrounds. Open communication with each member can improve the disadvantages of addressing multiculturalism in group counseling. As a group leader, I can regularly check in with each group member to ensure active participation and discuss any issues that may affect their treatment outcome. I can ask for individual feedback to make any improvement on my end. I can also provide opportunities for them to include their cultural backgrounds in their responses, that are related to the topics. 

Most importantly, regardless of different cultural backgrounds, I will demonstrate unconditional respect and empathy toward each group member at all times. 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration/Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. (2006). Chapter 4. Preparing a Program To Treat Diverse Client. 


Susan Robnett 

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Re:Topic 2 DQ 2 (Obj. 2.2)


What are some specific goals and methods you may incorporate into group counseling that might be shaped by your culture? Describe the approach you can use that considers yours and the group member’s culture backgrounds.  

Some of the goals and methods I may incorporate into group counseling  are first to be aware of cultural differences between myself in a diverse counseling group. For some cultures the Western approach of communicating is viewed as being too direct and can be off putting. It is extremely important, for group counselors to be aware of different worldviews. What can be thought of as resistance  can be  due to cultural differences. Careful preparation prior to beginning the group process can set clear expectations and can reduce anxiety associated with the group process.   (Corey, G, 2015 ).  The approach that I will use is to treat people with respect and dignity. There are so many factors that make people think and behave the way they do. This comes from family of origin, society, the media, friends and life experiences. All these factors contribute to how people present themselves in group counseling and life. It’s important to provide a safe and accepting environment for the client’s. Being authentic is an approach which clients respond positively too.  Authentic group counselors tend to  build  trust and a strong rapport  with the group members.  

Refere nces:  

Corey, G. (2015).  Theory & practice of group counseling  (9th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781305088016  


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