Art criticism


Art Criticism Paper

For this assignment, you will write a formal art critique analyzing how a well-known artist or designer utilized the elements of art and principles of design in creating his or her artwork or design. This critique should follow the four-step model of art criticism.

  • Artist or Designer
    Select an artist or designer from the following list:


    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Raphael
    • El Greco
    • Caravaggio
    • Diego Velázquez
    • Rembrandt
    • Johannes Vermeer
    • Edgar Degas
    • Paul Cézanne
    • Claude Monet
    • Wassily Kandinsky
    • Vincent van Gogh
    • Henri Matisse
    • Paul Klee
    • Pablo Picasso


    • Alphonse Mucha
    • Henri de Toulouse-Latrec
    • Cassandre
    • Paul Rand
    • Saul Bass
    • Milton Glaser
    • Ivan Chermayeff
    • Drew Struzan
    • Paula Scher
    • David Carson

      If you would like to choose an artist or designer not listed above, you must first get approval.

  • Artwork
    The artwork you will critique should be:

    • painting created by a well-known artist, or
    • poster created by a well-known designer
  • Paper Content
    • Select a well-known artist or designer from the list provided above.
    • Select a painting or poster created by the artist or designer you have chosen. Consider selecting an artwork that expresses spiritual concepts and a Christian worldview.
    • Write a formal art critique analyzing how the artist or designer utilized the elements of art and principles of design in creating his/her painting or poster.
    • This critique should follow the four-step model of art criticism.
    • Historical or biographical information on the artist or designer should not be used.
    • Include a properly cited color image of the painting or poster. For proper citation and punctuation, see the example below.

      Paul Cézanne, The Basket of Apples, c. 1893. Oil on canvas, 25 7/16 x 31 1/2 in.,
      Art Institute of Chicago.

      Terms and Definitions

  • Paper Format
    • a minimum of 4-5 pages in length
      (paper length does not include cover page and image)
    • typed, double-spaced
    • Times New Roman, 12 pt.
    • 1-inch margins
    • must include a cover page and color image of artwork

      Art Criticism Example

  • Grading Criteria
    • apparent time and effort invested in assignment
    • following and/or exceeding instructions
    • proper grammar, clear sentence structure, no spelling errors
    • thoroughness of answers; presence of supporting statements that further explain and/or define opinion-based answers

      Art Criticism Rubric

This paper is to be written in your own words.
If outside research is used, please provide proper documentation
to avoid academic dishonesty.

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