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If you are new to the IT security field or just want a more accessible (i.e., less technical) news feed, you might want to read the Security sections of The Register®, eWeek.com®, or Computerworld®. The Register’s Security section gives a good synopsis of some of the more important IT security developments in an easy-to-read format.

  1. Open a Web browser and go to www.theregister.co.uk/security/
  2. Click on an article that interests you.
  3. Take a screenshot.
  4. Under the Security section
  5. Click on an article that interests you.
  6. Take a screenshot.
  7. Under the Security section
  8. Click on another article that interests you.
  9. Take a screenshot.
  10. In the Search box, enter “DDoS” and press Enter.
  11. Click on an article that interests you.
  12. Take a screenshot.
  13. Open a Web browser and go to https://www.eweek.com/security (Links to an external site.)
  14. Click on an article that interests you.
  15. Take a screenshot. 
  16. Open a Web browser and go to http://www.computerworld.com/
  17. Click on the Topics drop-down menu and select Security.
  18. Click on an article that interests you.
  19. Take a screenshot.
  20. Under the Security section
  21. Click on an article that interests you.
  22. Take a screenshot.
  23. Provide a paragraph summary at the top of your Word submittal on why each of these articles interests you and what you think you’ll be able to apply in your current/future cybersecurity position from these articles.

Threat Intelligence Feed

Create a threat intelligence RSS feed using a feed-building application of your choosing. Build your threat intelligence feed using numerous reputable sources. Aim to find sources that publish updates at least once daily.

Take care to curate your information as it may end up being used in delivering services to real-world clients served by the CFC programs.

This entry should contain two parts:

  1. (1-page maximum, not including screenshots) Show off your threat-intel feed!
    • Please share any instructions or particulars for viewing and usage of your feed.
    • Share a link to your feed and/or screenshots of your feed in action.
      • Give brief descriptions of each link/screenshot to orient the reader.
    • Discuss why you chose the sources you chose.
      • How may these be beneficial to real-world businesses?
      • Did you focus on any specific industries? Why or why not?
  2. (2-page maximum, not including reference page) Identify and discuss a trend.
    • Choose 3 recent (within the last week) pieces of intelligence from your feed to create a business-minded executive report, including:
      • Background summary for each threat: What is the threat?
      • Business relevance: Why is it significant? (Why should the bosses care?)
      • Suggestions for remediation and expected outcomes – how to protect/prevent against this threat and results of remediation/resolution/mitigation actions. (What actions should the business take in light of this information and what outcomes are expected from actions?)

This is the next chapter/reference in your lab book for the semester. Each Lab Assignment is a new chapter in your lab book.

Your lab book chapter each week should include:

  • Cover Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction of the lab assignment
  • Screenshots that dialogue your lab experience/ what you learned
  • Conclusion of the lab assignment
  • Independent Research – expanding the topic. (For example this week, where are other good sources to find more current security information.) 
  • References
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