These next two questions refer to the following information: a

These next two questions refer to the following information:

A researcher would like to estimate p, the proportion of U.S. adults who support recognizing civil unions between gay or lesbian couples.
Question 6
Select one answer.
10 points

If the researcher would like to be 95% sure that the obtained sample proportion would be within 1.5% of p (the proportion in the entire population of U.S. adults), what sample size should be used?

1. 17,778
2. 4,445
3. 1,112
4. 67
5. 45

Question 7
Select one answer.
10 points
Due to a limited budget, the researcher obtained opinions from a random sample of only 2,222 U.S. adults. With this sample size, the researcher can be 95% confident that the obtained sample proportion will differ from the true proportion (p) by no more than (answers are rounded):

1. .04%
2. .75%
3. 2.1%
4. 3%
5. There is no way to figure this out without knowing the actual sample proportion that was obtained.

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