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 Project Details: The new building includes the IT Area, Computer Labs, Administrative Areas, Individual  Offices, a Conference Room, and a Public Meeting Room. IT Area: resources include • 4 network servers • 1 desktop PC • 2 laptops • 2 VOIP phones Administrative Areas: 2 administrative areas will each have • 4 workstations, each with a desktop PC, networked via a network port • a VOIP phone for each of the 4 workstations • a vendor-supplied networked copier Conference Room. The conference room has • a wireless ceiling-mounted Projector • network connectivity via a network cable and a wireless access point • a VOIP phone Meeting Room. The meeting room has • a wireless ceiling-mounted Projector • 1 desktop PC with network connectivity via a network cable. • 2 VOIP phones (one near the lectern and the other wall mounted at the entrance Individual Offices: 40 offices will each have • a desktop PC networked via a network port • a VOIP phone Computer Labs: 2 computer labs will each have • a wireless ceiling-mounted Projector • a desktop PC, networked via a network port, and directly cabled to the Projector • 25 desktop PCs networked via a network port  • a VOIP phone • a vendor-supplied networked copier Personnel Assignments PC Specialist (equipment purchase, software setup and PC support): o purchase, setup and installation of new laptops and desktop computers and corporate software o purchase of all projectors o work with Network Specialist to ensure network access is available on all computers and  networked printers Network Specialist (Telecomm support): o setup and installation of network servers and all VOIP phones o work with PC Specialist to ensure network access is available on all computers and networked  printers AV Specialist (A/V requirements): o Installation of all wireless projectors  o work with PC Specialist to ensure projectors can be accessed by appropriate computers Take time to think about how the work of the Specialists will be conducted.  • Understand how the occupancy rules affect the schedule timeline. o Since some locations are occupied at different times, handle the deployment and testing of  resources for each location separately (i.e. IT Area separate from Admin Area; Conference Room,  Meeting Room, etc.). • Make sure you satisfy all project specifications.  • The PC Specialist, Network Specialist and AV Specialist can be completing tasks concurrently and it is quite  possible that one specialist will have to wait while another specialist completes a task.  • The schedule must include a milestone for each block of tasks (Purchase Resources, Setup Equipment,  Deploy and Test). o Each resource (network servers, computers, projectors) must be purchased separately since  they will come from different vendors. The VOIP phones and third-party network printers are  already ordered and just need to be tested once they arrive. o Note: a single task may be used for a resource that is tested at a specific time (i.e. the testing of  all computers for administrative areas can be a single task; or the testing of all computer for the  2 computer labs can be a single task). However, a single task cannot be used when an action  must be done during different occupancy periods (i.e., testing of IT Area resources is a separate  task from testing of Administrative Areas, etc. since they take occupancy at different times.) • Task Actions must start with a verb and describe the action (i.e., Test VOIP phones)  o Milestones do not start with verbs and have a zero duration. • When creating the schedule, use your best guess in determining Duration. Use a single measure (i.e.,  min.) for all tasks. • Resources must include both the people (title of the IT Specialist) and specific resource(s).  • When creating Predecessors, point to the respective Task # (not the WBS number). It is not necessary  to include a task that is already a predecessor of another task (i.e. consider the following tasks: 1:  Order food, 2: Eat food, 3: Cleanup. The predecessor for 2 is 1. The predecessor for 3 is 2 (i.e. 2  already has a predecessor of 1). o Note: be careful about predecessors. Not only are they directly related to the tasks that  proceed them within a Milestone but they may be directly related to tasks within other  Milestones (example: network servers must be operational before other equipment can be  tested for network connectivity – look for other dependencies described above) 

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