Identifying types of variables used in statistical descriptive data

 Pages 30-33 (Salkind, 2020) include desсrіptions of types of variables. The type of variable is important to determine when you are deciding which statistical measure to use. Review the information below to decide the variable type (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) for each of the four data desсrіptions (School ID, School Region, Enrollment, Academic Rank) in the chart below. List each type of data and its corresponding variable type and briefly state why you chose that variable type for each. Now practice using SPSS to DUPLICATE the example on pages 33 – 35 using the Chapter 2 Data Set 1. All data sets are also in the back of the textbook in Appendix C. All SPSS outputs should be copied and pasted to a Word document for submission to Canva 

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